Why can’t Kelly Severide just be happy?

Dear Chicago Fire Writers,

Can you guys stop playing around with Severide and our heart-strings, and just let the guy be happy? He deserves it. This past Tuesday, we watched Kelly, lose who could have been the love of his life, Anna, from her battle with cancer after she relapsed just weeks in to them dating. When they had Anna move from Springfield to Chicago, I thought: “Yes finally Serveride is going to have a steady love interest.” Then one episode later Anna is acting all weird and we find out her cancer has come back. Like WTF writers. You had her survive the transplant and then have Severide commit to her and then you kill her off? How can you be so damn cruel? It was truly heartbreaking to watch Severide go through that. I just wanted to give him a giant hug. Severide deserves to find true love like Casey and Dawson. He’s been through enough in his life and dating crazies. He was never the one who was into settling down, but then he met Anna, and all that changed. I really believe she was the one for them. They had a special spark that deserved to be explored more. The writers definitely jumped the gun with killing her off. They should have at least let their love story play out a little longer and shown us a little more. It is no secret the fans loved them together. I really hope they don’t make Kidd and Severide get together now. They are kind of copying what happened to Casey and that just makes the show boring. They can’t have the same things happen to the both of them. Come on! Be a little unique. They are two different people. I also really don’t think Kidd and Severide have a great spark. I think she’s cool, but they are no Dawson and Casey. Watching a Kidd and Severide love story would be mad boring. Avoid at all costs, writers. Now Severide is going to go down this dark path and it’s going to be a repeat of what happened when Shay died. Hopefully next season the writers will stop wanting to make this poor guy’s life miserable, and give him a real love interest. I hope he meets his future wife ASAP. Because out of everyone, Kelly Severide deserves it the most. Is it really too much to ask for writers?

Sincerely, An Upset/ Disappointed Fan


Petition to Fire Gary Bettman…

Gary Bettman is hands down the worst commissioner of a professional league ever. He is single handling killing the growth of the NHL. Today, was no different when he announced that the NHL players would not be participating in the winter Olympics next year in South Korea. This is the first time the NHL will not be participating in the Olympics since 1998.

This is the stupidest thing the NHL could do to themselves. I can understand how the owners do not want to disrupt the season and it means they lose money. They are missing the big picture though. The Olympics are a perfect marketing opportunity for the league. Not just the USA, but the entire world get to see their players on the ice. Sending their players means advertising their talent which means more fans which means more money in the damn owner’s pockets. Just because your sales are going to hurt one freaking, you owners can take the loss if it means a larger audience long-term.

The players overwhelming want to play in the Olympics. It gives them a sense of pride it’s something they grew up dreaming of. Players such has King Henrik himself, tweeted about how disappointed he was in the NHL’s decision. You probably don’t want to piss off your players Gary. They can easily make your life hell again and force another lockout which again makes the league and you look bad. Alex Ovechkin has already pledged he will go to the Olympics whether the league does or not. I would not be surprised if many other players vow to join him. The Olympics are supposed to feature the best in the world at each respective sport. The NHL players are the best in the world, they should be competing.

The best part is that Bettman is trying to make deals to promote the NHL in China, even scheduling a couple of preseason games there. Beijing hosts the next winter Olympics. To Bettman, the opportunity in China offers more money than South Korea would. It looks terrible on the league if they skip this Olympics but will go to the next just because the league doesn’t believe South Korea offers them enough financial opportunities. In reality, it just makes Bettman look like a slimy business man and the league look greedy. For a league trying to grow, you can’t afford a bad rep. Even if you don’t think the Olympics help the league grow globally, it does help it domestically within the US. Hockey is the major team sport in the winter Olympics. People who don’t normally watch the sport tune in, and they might just be intrigued especially if the U.S. does good.

As long as Bettman is the commissioner, the NHL is doomed.


Chicago P.D. Review

Umm wtf happened on last night’s Chicago P.D.?????? Halstead is MARRIED!!! Why, writers? WHY?? I’m still in shock, but before we get in to that, let’s talk a little bit about the case.

So the crew found a young girl tied up in a storage container next to a cabin in the woods. The girl was kidnapped by some guy name Austin, who ended up killing himself after the Intelligence Unit tried to catch him in a car chase. The unit find out there was another man working with him, which they then trace it back to the woman whose husband owned the cabin, but he has been dead for a year. They unit also finds out there is another girl who was kidnapped and trace it back to the old woman’s house. When Ruzek and Atwater find the girl they are locked in the secret room they found the girl in. Voight and the Intelligence unit show up to the old woman’s house and the old woman claims she knows nothing about any secret room or the officers. Voight goes classic Voight on her butt and gets her to speak but cutting her hand. Then we find out the woman was the second person and that she was continuing what her husband started.

There were two sweet moments in last night’s episode. One was when Ruzek hugged Olinsky. I have no clue how Olinsky can go back to work so soon, but sometimes you just need to get your mind off things. It was a sweet moment and I’m glad he appreciated the hug and didn’t go all cold. The other cute moment was at the end when Ruzek called out Burgess for being worried about him when he was trapped in the secret room. He wasn’t going to let her pretend that she still doesn’t have feelings. I hope this means we will be seeing more of the two of them again because we are going to need it after what happened to Linstead last night.

I’m still mad about it. First they have this random girl show up who is Jay’s ex and it turns out they got drunk married in Vegas! WHAT? And Erin knew nothing about this girl, which is really shocking because they live together you would think they would know about each other’s ex’s. So this ex-wife, claims they need to sign the divorce papers again and says she’s getting married to a lawyer. Then we find out, she manipulated Jay to get a drink with her by not bringing the papers and admitting she’s not getting married. Shady. Jay turns her down, but then goes home and basically tells Erin they need a break. Excuse me? I am not about this. I get it’s a shock you are still married, but you love Erin and you should be talking about this with her, not just running away from your problems. You guys have waited so long to be together, now you got to do this? This show thrives on the sexual tension of Jay and Erin. Come on writers. But as proved in the past, this wouldn’t be dramatic television if there aren’t a couple of bumps in the road for our favorite couples, I mean look at Casey and Dawson. Hopefully this means we get to see more of Jay’s back story because he still is quit the mystery. Obviously after tonight.

Dear Islander Fans,

Get over your stupid fantasy that the Islanders are ever going to come back to Long Island and accept the fact that they will be moved to Canada soon. The Barclays Center was always going to be a disaster and none of you so-called “fans” were ever going to go there. All you guys were so upset that they were leaving Long Island, but it’s ironic because it is your fault.

If you guys really loved your team so much then you would have voted yes to all the proposals for a new arena. None of you tax payers were willing to pay for it, so the Islanders had to look for somewhere else to go. Then all you “fans” got bent out of shape that they were moving and kept saying they will be back. So, um, where are they coming back to? You guys didn’t want to fund a new arena then, you guys really aren’t going to fund one now. You geniuses didn’t think about that, huh?

The Barclays Center and the Islanders both want the Islanders out ASAP. After the 2018-2019 season, Barclays want the Islanders gone. That’s two years. The Islanders are not going to have a new arena approved and built-in two years. There have been rumors of a new arena next to Citi Field, but with the tennis stadium next door and LaGuardia down the road, there’s really no room for another arena. The area does not need anymore damn traffic. So with no arena to go to after they get kicked out, where are the Islanders going to go?

The answer is Canada. Face is Islander fans. The Islanders are irrelevant in this town. New Yorkers only really care about the Rangers because they are actually consistently good. You guys have not been relevant since the ’80’s and that’s not changing anytime soon. The Islanders don’t bring in much revenue in New York. They would be a hell of a lot more successful in Quebec City who have been itching for a hockey team for a while. The NHL will step in and move them there. So Islander fans, you guys can pull out a map and learn where Quebec City is or find another hockey team to root for. Time to offically give up your dream of them coming back to Long Island.

This Is Us Finale

On Tuesday night, the hottest show on television wrapped its first season. This is Us’ season finale was Jack and Rebecca centered, taking us in between the turning point in their marriage and when they met.

The show opened with Jack driving drunk to see Rebecca’s show in Ohio. My prediction was right. Jack came in super drunk and punched Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend/band mate. Jack and Rebecca got in a big fight about it and Rebecca suggested he stay with Miguel for a little bit. When Rebecca asked Jack to name what he loved about modern-day Rebecca and he didn’t say anything showed that even the perfect couple have their own marriage problems. I loved that Jack answered the question in the morning and said he was going to fight for her. They can’t just write Jack and Rebecca off like that, that would be the easy way out. I think Jack and Rebecca have a special love and it would be a shame if they aren’t happily married until Jack’s death.

I liked seeing what the two of them were up to before they met. Poor Jack was struggling to find work and was just trying to save money to get out of his father’s house. Rebecca was focused on her singing dreams. Both were avoiding being set up by other people. I really thought, like everyone else, they were going to meet on the blind date they were both being set up on at the same time. I definitely wasn’t expecting them to meet at the place Jack was trying to rob and Rebecca was performing at.Who would have thought good guy Jack Pearson would be willing to rob for money? Rebecca really saved him from going down the wrong path. Neither of them were looking for a relationship, of course that is when it happens. It was relatable and that’s where the show gets it right. It was mad unrealistic that she would get off the stage and immediately bee-line to Jack. Come on now. That does not happen in real life EVER. It was a tad corny, but I’ll get over it.

The one thing I didn’t like about the finale is that it didn’t really show the present day and the kids in the episode. I loved how we learned more about Jack and Rebecca’s story, but for a finale we need a cliff hanger with the kids present day. This would have been a good episode for the second to last episode of the season, not the last. With the show being so successful, I’m really not sure why they ended it in March. I can’t wait SIX months for the Pearson family to be back on my TV screen. Why do you guys gotta be so cruel? Can’t wait to see the twist they throw in next season!

The Bachelor Finale

And another Bachelor season is in the books! Last night we saw Nick chose Vanessa over Raven in one of the most romantic Bachelor finales ever…JOKES. It was actually one of the worst and most boring finales ever. Let’s dive in.

The episode started with Raven meeting Nick’s family again. Honestly, nothing relatively interesting even happened in this part. Nick’s family has to be the most boring people ever. They just look so depressed. The mom always looks like she is going to cry. I mean I get you are stressed out for your son, but do you have to look like you are at a funeral? They really put a damper on things. Maybe that’s why the girls run for the hills. I’m sure they are nice people, they could at least act a little more excited. One two side notes, Raven’s eyelashes were throwing me off the whole night and Nick’s sweater game is TERRIBLE. He looked like a lumberjack and reminded me of my brother’s…maybe they should be friends.

Vanessa is not shy at all, is all I have to say about her meeting Nick’s parents. I admire her confidence and openness to expressing her feelings and concerns for the family, but she comes off a little self-absorbed. It definitely shows her maturity and think that is something she has up on Raven. I think Nick’s conversation with his dad was interesting when he voiced concerns about Vanessa being his type. He really does go for one type of girl and I don’t blame his dad for being hesitant. Nick’s dad’s conversation with Vanessa was touching because both of them started crying. I don’t doubt Vanessa loves Nick, they are just going to have a lot of work ahead of them.

The dates were boring as usual. The one funny thing Nick said on Vanessa’s date was “Just give him a little squeeze with your thighs, you know how to do that.” The whole Santa thing was so weird and stupid. That is what I call a phone break. I understood Vanesssa’s concerns at the end of the night and I like how Nick said he wasn’t going to tell her what she wants to hear. That shows how honest he is with her and I think that was really mature of him. I’ve just kind of had it with their always serious conversations. Like lighten up, make some interesting tv to watch. It’s too much like real life, but maybe that’s a good thing for them.

Raven and Nick’s date was boring but cute. They are fun to watch together. That’s what dating should be like. The puppies were the best part. Listen up boys, the way to woman’s heart is through PUPPIES. I would have cried. It was hard to watch Raven get her heartbroken. She took it with such grace that I would never have been able to do. I rolled my eyes when she was saying in the car that she would never find love. Please girl, there is no doubt in mind that you will find love. It’s a blessing he let you go, you can do 10x’s better. Nick’s not even that cute. I’m not worried about you Raven!

Nick’s proposal was sweet to Vanessa. I hope they make it work, but I don’t know if it will. I get tired of listening to their serious talks after two straight weeks, I can only imagine what it is like everyday. I respect Vanessa for keeping it real on After the Final Rose and not pretending like everything is just so perfect. Just play it up a little, this is still TV. Whether they make it or not, I’m not trying to see Nick on the franchise for a fifth time.

Prediction: I give Nick and Vanessa 6 months. Raven will find love on Bachelor in Paradise.

P.S. I totally called Rachel’s season starting on the after show. It’s the only thing surprisingly the show hasn’t done yet. I loved it though. When Eric walked out and started dancing with Rachel, I think we just witnessed love at first. I know we only met 4 guys, but I have a good feeling about the two of them. Can’t wait to watch Rachel and Eric fall in love next season. Is it May yet?

Rumor Has It…

Another Gilmore Girls revival might be in the works!

About a week ago it was reported that Netflix and the Gilmore Girls creators were in early talks for doing another revival. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life broke fourth quarter subscription records and Netflix are looking to repeat the success.

In November, the Gilmore Girls revival was all I and all the entertainment media could talk about. We finally got to see the ending and hear the final words the original creators of the show, Dan Palladino and Amy Sherman-Palladino, intended. And we need answers!

Rory told Lorelai that see was pregnant in the last season of the revival. Goody two shoes Rory who has done everything right is pregnant out-of-wedlock. My mouth actually dropped. I had to replay it to make sure I heard it right. We all assume that Logan is the father, but it isn’t guaranteed. We need to know for sure. How is Rory going to tell Logan? How is Logan going to react? Is Rory’s life really going to be a mirror of her mother’s? Is Rory going to move back to Stars Hallow?  I NEED TO KNOW GUYS.

I hope Rory tells Logan right away and he immediately breaks up with his fiancé and flies to Rory’s side to figure it all out. I don’t want him to be like Christopher, not steadily in his child’s life and taking to long to finally realize his true feelings for his baby mama. I want to believe this would be the push for Logan to marry Rory and be with the girl he truly loves. I want to see them as parents. Hopefully the creators do a time jump and the kid will be about two in the revival revival. We deserve to see how this plays out! I can’t wait another ten years.

Fingers crossed there will be more Gilmore Girls in the near future!