After three long years, Ed Sheeran has finally released his new album Divide. And what can I say? Ed you did it again and I’m in love. Even if you are sick of hearing Shape of You over played on the radio, I suggest everyone to stop what they are doing and listen to the ginger musical god work his magic. Every song on the album is different from the next and yet so Ed. If Perfect and How Would You Feel does not make you want to cry or even shed a tear than you are not human. And this coming from a girl who has a black heart and soul. Ed actually makes me want to have somebody who loves me that much. I know, I can’t even believe those words as I’m writing them. Start taking notes fellas, this is how a girl wants to be loved. I’m pretty sure Ed was reading my diary when he wrote Dive and Barcelona. His sexy raspy vocals on Dive makes me feel some type of way. I can relate to that emotion boy.I just want to shout the lyrics to the world. Barcelona makes me wish it was summertime and I am about to hop on the first flight out to Barca. Who doesn’t love dancing and sangria? I also think Castle on the Hill does not get as much love as it deserves. It is a classic U2-esque song that we need more of on American radio. So, BRB while I go listen to Divide on repeat for the next month and am curled up in a ball crying one minute and dancing around in my room the next. Thanks Ed for making 2017 a little more bright.


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