The New York Jets were turning a new page in their troubled franchise book when they cut once faces of the franchise Darrelle Revis and Nick Mangold this week. They also cut Brandon Marshall to clear some cap money. With all these moves, the Jets made it clear that they are in rebuild mode and the old washed up players are just not doing it anymore. The Jets were smart to make these moves and save money, but they also made it clear they have no identity anymore. They can build around the beast Leonard Williams, but as the modern NFL has proven, you are nothing until you have yourself a premiere quarterback. We can all pretend all we want that the old saying “Defenses win Championships” is true, but the NFL as become the league of the quarterback. If you do not have Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers as your quarterback, you most likely are not winning the Super Bowl.

As is the story every freaking season, the Jets need a franchise quarterback and they need one bad. Let’s not pretend Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg will ever be starting quarterbacks in the NFL. They are terrible. NFL backups at best. Petty shows flashes of nothing. Geno Smith was better than him and Smith is terrible. There’s a reason Hackenberg was never allowed to dress on game days…I’ll just leave it at that. The Jets perfect quarterback is sitting in our arch enemy’s hand. Yes, I’m talking about Jimmy Garoppolo. He would be a perfect for the Jets, unfortunately we will never get him because Bill Belichick is a jerk; he’s more than just a jerk but if I ever want a job in the sports industry I’ll refrain from saying how I really feel about that terrible man. Why would he ever trade his best kept secret to the team he hates the most? The Jets should make the phone call anyway, at least say they tried.

The Jets just need to draft a running back at number six, tank this season and wait to draft their future franchise quarterback next season. The scouting reports say there will be plenty to choose from. It shouldn’t be hard to suck this year because we don’t have a quarterback, but we are talking about the Jets and they can’t even lose properly. Maybe the Jets will pull some miracle trade out of their butt and give us a false sense of hope. Otherwise, buckle up Jets fans, the misery is not over yet and there’s no end in sight.


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