Spring Training is well underway and the New York Mets are on a mission. The time to win a championship is now. Their young rotation is back together and ready to finish what they started two years ago. With all the injuries the Mets endured last year its impressive they even made it to the playoffs in 2016. It showed how much depth they really have and when they are healthy, everyone should just watch out.

The Mets CANNOT blow the opportunity they have this year. The Mets made it clear when they resigned Cespedes this off-season were all in. For once, they spent money. It was a great move because Cespedes has been a big reason why the Mets have made the playoffs the past two seasons. They could have let him go with an abundance of outfielders on the roster, but he gives the Mets the best chance and he’s good entertainment for the media. The best part is he actually wants to be on the team.

Syndergaard, Harvey, deGrom and Matz are all healthy and need to reestablish themselves as the most dangerous rotation in the MLB. They are all in their prime and should have a chip on their shoulders. They need to prove 2015 wasn’t a fluke and they are as good as everyone says. Now the key for them is to stay healthy, especially Syndergaard. He was the only one who was able to escape the surgery bug last season. He established himself as the ace last year and seems determined to get even better this season. He even came in to spring training with 17 more pounds of muscle through eating some gross “bowl of doom.” He wants to throw harder. The man with a 98 mph fast ball wants to throw HARDER. He really is a freak of nature. Maybe we should bubble wrap him just in case.

It seems as if Harvey as been humbled after last season. I never thought the day would happen, but this could work in the Mets’ advantage. Harvey has to prove himself more than anyone this season because he was once considered the ace of the staff. If he wants to get the big contract he’s looking for he needs to show up this season and I’m confident he will. I’ve been a long champion of trading the man, but if he is having a career season, I’d hang on to him. It’s better to hang on to him and have him help us win a World Series than try to get a young talent and build on the depth. The Mets have enough depth right now.

The Mets especially need to win this year for David Wright. The poor man can not catch a freaking break when it comes to injuries. He already has to go through an extensive pre-game routine because of his spinal stenosis and now is suffering from shoulder problems. Wright was supposed to have a Hall of Fame career, but injuries have plagued him for the past few seasons. He has been with the Mets for his whole career and was supposed to be their Derek Jeter. Now, he is facing early retirement because his body just doesn’t want to cooperate. He is still determined to play this season, but no one knows when he would even be ready. For over 10 years, he has been the face of the franchise and has been through all the terrible losing seasons. Now the Mets are finally good enough to win and he’s constantly sidelined. It is not fair. He deserves better. He deserves to have a World Series ring. Although he is under contract until 2021, it does not seem likely he is going to make it that long. If the team has one thing to play for, they should look no further than their Captain. He pours his heart in to the game and should be on the field winning the World Series.

Here Mets, I have a slogan for you this season: Win for David.



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