Umm wtf happened on last night’s Chicago P.D.?????? Halstead is MARRIED!!! Why, writers? WHY?? I’m still in shock, but before we get in to that, let’s talk a little bit about the case.

So the crew found a young girl tied up in a storage container next to a cabin in the woods. The girl was kidnapped by some guy name Austin, who ended up killing himself after the Intelligence Unit tried to catch him in a car chase. The unit find out there was another man working with him, which they then trace it back to the woman whose husband owned the cabin, but he has been dead for a year. They unit also finds out there is another girl who was kidnapped and trace it back to the old woman’s house. When Ruzek and Atwater find the girl they are locked in the secret room they found the girl in. Voight and the Intelligence unit show up to the old woman’s house and the old woman claims she knows nothing about any secret room or the officers. Voight goes classic Voight on her butt and gets her to speak but cutting her hand. Then we find out the woman was the second person and that she was continuing what her husband started.

There were two sweet moments in last night’s episode. One was when Ruzek hugged Olinsky. I have no clue how Olinsky can go back to work so soon, but sometimes you just need to get your mind off things. It was a sweet moment and I’m glad he appreciated the hug and didn’t go all cold. The other cute moment was at the end when Ruzek called out Burgess for being worried about him when he was trapped in the secret room. He wasn’t going to let her pretend that she still doesn’t have feelings. I hope this means we will be seeing more of the two of them again because we are going to need it after what happened to Linstead last night.

I’m still mad about it. First they have this random girl show up who is Jay’s ex and it turns out they got drunk married in Vegas! WHAT? And Erin knew nothing about this girl, which is really shocking because they live together you would think they would know about each other’s ex’s. So this ex-wife, claims they need to sign the divorce papers again and says she’s getting married to a lawyer. Then we find out, she manipulated Jay to get a drink with her by not bringing the papers and admitting she’s not getting married. Shady. Jay turns her down, but then goes home and basically tells Erin they need a break. Excuse me? I am not about this. I get it’s a shock you are still married, but you love Erin and you should be talking about this with her, not just running away from your problems. You guys have waited so long to be together, now you got to do this? This show thrives on the sexual tension of Jay and Erin. Come on writers. But as proved in the past, this wouldn’t be dramatic television if there aren’t a couple of bumps in the road for our favorite couples, I mean look at Casey and Dawson. Hopefully this means we get to see more of Jay’s back story because he still is quit the mystery. Obviously after tonight.


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