Chicago P.D. Review

Umm wtf happened on last night’s Chicago P.D.?????? Halstead is MARRIED!!! Why, writers? WHY?? I’m still in shock, but before we get in to that, let’s talk a little bit about the case.

So the crew found a young girl tied up in a storage container next to a cabin in the woods. The girl was kidnapped by some guy name Austin, who ended up killing himself after the Intelligence Unit tried to catch him in a car chase. The unit find out there was another man working with him, which they then trace it back to the woman whose husband owned the cabin, but he has been dead for a year. They unit also finds out there is another girl who was kidnapped and trace it back to the old woman’s house. When Ruzek and Atwater find the girl they are locked in the secret room they found the girl in. Voight and the Intelligence unit show up to the old woman’s house and the old woman claims she knows nothing about any secret room or the officers. Voight goes classic Voight on her butt and gets her to speak but cutting her hand. Then we find out the woman was the second person and that she was continuing what her husband started.

There were two sweet moments in last night’s episode. One was when Ruzek hugged Olinsky. I have no clue how Olinsky can go back to work so soon, but sometimes you just need to get your mind off things. It was a sweet moment and I’m glad he appreciated the hug and didn’t go all cold. The other cute moment was at the end when Ruzek called out Burgess for being worried about him when he was trapped in the secret room. He wasn’t going to let her pretend that she still doesn’t have feelings. I hope this means we will be seeing more of the two of them again because we are going to need it after what happened to Linstead last night.

I’m still mad about it. First they have this random girl show up who is Jay’s ex and it turns out they got drunk married in Vegas! WHAT? And Erin knew nothing about this girl, which is really shocking because they live together you would think they would know about each other’s ex’s. So this ex-wife, claims they need to sign the divorce papers again and says she’s getting married to a lawyer. Then we find out, she manipulated Jay to get a drink with her by not bringing the papers and admitting she’s not getting married. Shady. Jay turns her down, but then goes home and basically tells Erin they need a break. Excuse me? I am not about this. I get it’s a shock you are still married, but you love Erin and you should be talking about this with her, not just running away from your problems. You guys have waited so long to be together, now you got to do this? This show thrives on the sexual tension of Jay and Erin. Come on writers. But as proved in the past, this wouldn’t be dramatic television if there aren’t a couple of bumps in the road for our favorite couples, I mean look at Casey and Dawson. Hopefully this means we get to see more of Jay’s back story because he still is quit the mystery. Obviously after tonight.


This Is Us Finale

On Tuesday night, the hottest show on television wrapped its first season. This is Us’ season finale was Jack and Rebecca centered, taking us in between the turning point in their marriage and when they met.

The show opened with Jack driving drunk to see Rebecca’s show in Ohio. My prediction was right. Jack came in super drunk and punched Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend/band mate. Jack and Rebecca got in a big fight about it and Rebecca suggested he stay with Miguel for a little bit. When Rebecca asked Jack to name what he loved about modern-day Rebecca and he didn’t say anything showed that even the perfect couple have their own marriage problems. I loved that Jack answered the question in the morning and said he was going to fight for her. They can’t just write Jack and Rebecca off like that, that would be the easy way out. I think Jack and Rebecca have a special love and it would be a shame if they aren’t happily married until Jack’s death.

I liked seeing what the two of them were up to before they met. Poor Jack was struggling to find work and was just trying to save money to get out of his father’s house. Rebecca was focused on her singing dreams. Both were avoiding being set up by other people. I really thought, like everyone else, they were going to meet on the blind date they were both being set up on at the same time. I definitely wasn’t expecting them to meet at the place Jack was trying to rob and Rebecca was performing at.Who would have thought good guy Jack Pearson would be willing to rob for money? Rebecca really saved him from going down the wrong path. Neither of them were looking for a relationship, of course that is when it happens. It was relatable and that’s where the show gets it right. It was mad unrealistic that she would get off the stage and immediately bee-line to Jack. Come on now. That does not happen in real life EVER. It was a tad corny, but I’ll get over it.

The one thing I didn’t like about the finale is that it didn’t really show the present day and the kids in the episode. I loved how we learned more about Jack and Rebecca’s story, but for a finale we need a cliff hanger with the kids present day. This would have been a good episode for the second to last episode of the season, not the last. With the show being so successful, I’m really not sure why they ended it in March. I can’t wait SIX months for the Pearson family to be back on my TV screen. Why do you guys gotta be so cruel? Can’t wait to see the twist they throw in next season!

The Bachelor Finale

And another Bachelor season is in the books! Last night we saw Nick chose Vanessa over Raven in one of the most romantic Bachelor finales ever…JOKES. It was actually one of the worst and most boring finales ever. Let’s dive in.

The episode started with Raven meeting Nick’s family again. Honestly, nothing relatively interesting even happened in this part. Nick’s family has to be the most boring people ever. They just look so depressed. The mom always looks like she is going to cry. I mean I get you are stressed out for your son, but do you have to look like you are at a funeral? They really put a damper on things. Maybe that’s why the girls run for the hills. I’m sure they are nice people, they could at least act a little more excited. One two side notes, Raven’s eyelashes were throwing me off the whole night and Nick’s sweater game is TERRIBLE. He looked like a lumberjack and reminded me of my brother’s…maybe they should be friends.

Vanessa is not shy at all, is all I have to say about her meeting Nick’s parents. I admire her confidence and openness to expressing her feelings and concerns for the family, but she comes off a little self-absorbed. It definitely shows her maturity and think that is something she has up on Raven. I think Nick’s conversation with his dad was interesting when he voiced concerns about Vanessa being his type. He really does go for one type of girl and I don’t blame his dad for being hesitant. Nick’s dad’s conversation with Vanessa was touching because both of them started crying. I don’t doubt Vanessa loves Nick, they are just going to have a lot of work ahead of them.

The dates were boring as usual. The one funny thing Nick said on Vanessa’s date was “Just give him a little squeeze with your thighs, you know how to do that.” The whole Santa thing was so weird and stupid. That is what I call a phone break. I understood Vanesssa’s concerns at the end of the night and I like how Nick said he wasn’t going to tell her what she wants to hear. That shows how honest he is with her and I think that was really mature of him. I’ve just kind of had it with their always serious conversations. Like lighten up, make some interesting tv to watch. It’s too much like real life, but maybe that’s a good thing for them.

Raven and Nick’s date was boring but cute. They are fun to watch together. That’s what dating should be like. The puppies were the best part. Listen up boys, the way to woman’s heart is through PUPPIES. I would have cried. It was hard to watch Raven get her heartbroken. She took it with such grace that I would never have been able to do. I rolled my eyes when she was saying in the car that she would never find love. Please girl, there is no doubt in mind that you will find love. It’s a blessing he let you go, you can do 10x’s better. Nick’s not even that cute. I’m not worried about you Raven!

Nick’s proposal was sweet to Vanessa. I hope they make it work, but I don’t know if it will. I get tired of listening to their serious talks after two straight weeks, I can only imagine what it is like everyday. I respect Vanessa for keeping it real on After the Final Rose and not pretending like everything is just so perfect. Just play it up a little, this is still TV. Whether they make it or not, I’m not trying to see Nick on the franchise for a fifth time.

Prediction: I give Nick and Vanessa 6 months. Raven will find love on Bachelor in Paradise.

P.S. I totally called Rachel’s season starting on the after show. It’s the only thing surprisingly the show hasn’t done yet. I loved it though. When Eric walked out and started dancing with Rachel, I think we just witnessed love at first. I know we only met 4 guys, but I have a good feeling about the two of them. Can’t wait to watch Rachel and Eric fall in love next season. Is it May yet?

Rumor Has It…

Another Gilmore Girls revival might be in the works!

About a week ago it was reported that Netflix and the Gilmore Girls creators were in early talks for doing another revival. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life broke fourth quarter subscription records and Netflix are looking to repeat the success.

In November, the Gilmore Girls revival was all I and all the entertainment media could talk about. We finally got to see the ending and hear the final words the original creators of the show, Dan Palladino and Amy Sherman-Palladino, intended. And we need answers!

Rory told Lorelai that see was pregnant in the last season of the revival. Goody two shoes Rory who has done everything right is pregnant out-of-wedlock. My mouth actually dropped. I had to replay it to make sure I heard it right. We all assume that Logan is the father, but it isn’t guaranteed. We need to know for sure. How is Rory going to tell Logan? How is Logan going to react? Is Rory’s life really going to be a mirror of her mother’s? Is Rory going to move back to Stars Hallow?  I NEED TO KNOW GUYS.

I hope Rory tells Logan right away and he immediately breaks up with his fiancé and flies to Rory’s side to figure it all out. I don’t want him to be like Christopher, not steadily in his child’s life and taking to long to finally realize his true feelings for his baby mama. I want to believe this would be the push for Logan to marry Rory and be with the girl he truly loves. I want to see them as parents. Hopefully the creators do a time jump and the kid will be about two in the revival revival. We deserve to see how this plays out! I can’t wait another ten years.

Fingers crossed there will be more Gilmore Girls in the near future!


Maybe Jack Pearson isn’t the Perfect Man-This Is Us Review

Well it wasn’t a Tuesday night unless you cried multiple times in an hour watching This Is Us. Last night we saw the after math of William’s death, Kate revealed a bomb shell and Jack proved he actually is human.

The episode begins with Randall finding William’s instructions stating the Annie and Tess are to plan his memorial service because they will keep it “fun.” The girls went straight to work and planned the cutest memorial service ever. That sounds messed up saying that, but I think everyone should have kids plan funerals. A person’s life should be celebrated! Anyway, my favorite parts were that William’s pills were cups of M&M’s and his favorite drink the Blue Hawaiian was actually his favorite strain of weed. Too funny.

During the memorial, Kate broke down, clearly still dealing with the trauma of her father’s death. Randall was able to calm her down but told her she has to let Toby in to this. Kate not fully letting Toby in shows that she has taken her father’s death the hardest out of all the children.

Kevin is back to get with his ex-wife and they have some super cute scenes. I definitely ship them as a couple. He needs to tell his family already, there reaction is sure to be good. Kevin kills it at his play and gets a call from RON HOWARD offering him a role in his movie. I think Kevin will take it even though it is in LA. It’s a movie not a tv show, so it’s not like he will be gone for long. I have a feeling this whole thing is going to cause some drama with Sophie next episode.

Randall finally made up with Rebecca in another tear-jerking moment. His best scene of the night though, was when he marched in to his office and quit. I was like that’s my boy. I’ve never seen a better exit speech in my life. It’s what we all dream of doing at our jobs. Especially when he called them out about the pears and the generic sympathy card. Randall deserves better than that. I’m excited to see what he’s going to do next. That giant ass house isn’t going to pay for itself.

I can’t wait to see Beth’s reaction. I liked how they focused in how Beth didn’t get to say goodbye to William. Their friendship was underrated. It got overshadowed by William and Randall’s. She made a sweet speech at the memorial, but the most heartwarming part of the night was when she got William’s postcard from Memphis. We are talking about William, of course he wouldn’t forget Beth. Surprise, Surprise that made me cry again. I hope they frame the postcard.

The most shocking revelation of the night came from Kate when Toby finally asked her to talk about her dad’s death. In a twist no one saw coming Kate claims she’s the reason for her father’s death. Just like that everything starts to click a little bit. My gut is saying that’s not actually the case but she’s being extra hard on herself. Unless she shot him, I doubt she’s the reason why.

During the flashbacks, we learn that Jack was being cold to Rebecca about her going on tour. For a minute, it seemed as if he wasn’t going to show up to say goodbye to his wife. Luckily he does but gave his wife a sorry excuse for a kiss goodbye and the seemingly perfect marriage finally showed some cracks. I knew they must be human. Jack goes to the bar drinking after he drops the kids off at a party and gets hit on by his coworker. Jack doesn’t fall into the typical trap and immediately turns her down like a real man. He then calls his kids and speaks with Kate slurring his speech and telling her he is going to go fix things with Rebecca. The scene starts to hint that Jack might have a problem with alcohol or he is about to get in a car accident. Could this be his death? Was this what Kate was talking about when she says he dad’s death was her fault?

I predict no, Jack does not die from a drunk driving accident. It’s too obvious and the preview for next week’s episode is making you believe he does. This show loves their twists and there’s no way Jack’s death isn’t going to be a twist. I think maybe he gets a DWI, but doesn’t die. I also read that we aren’t going to find out how he dies this season, so I’m not holding my breath. I think Jack either gets arrested or he makes it to Rebecca drunk and they have a blow-out. He’s definitely going to show up to the hotel and Rebecca is innocently hanging out with her ex in her hotel room. Jack is going to beat up the guy and then Rebecca is going to threaten to divorce him.

We shall see what kind of cliff hanger they leave us with next week during the season finale(no! Please don’t leave us). I have a feeling it’s going to be big!

The Bachelor Review

Yay it’s Bachelor Monday! This week we got three hours of The Bachelor, the final three dates and the women tell all! It was a night full of drama, so let’s dive in.

The show began with the end of Raven’s fantasy suit date. “Let’s just say Nick is good at what he does.”-Raven. Well honey I hope so,  he’s thirty freaking six. Looks like Nick gave Raven that big O. Then the really weird montage of Raven dancing around town. Like was that supposed some visual representation of what the big O is? Just no. Too corny. Anyway, I love Raven I give her props for admitting on national television that she’s only been with one guy and hasn’t you know what. She’s a girl who thinks highly of herself and I f with that. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’s the one Nick picks. She’s too young, but there’s no doubt in mind she’ll be just fine.

On to Rachel’s date. First off, who the heck thought cross-country skiing would be a good date? That crap is hard asf. As a skier, getting stuck on the flat parts is the WORST THING EVER and it’s not like they were even dressed in proper ski gear. So, I totally feel you Rachel. I didn’t pay too much attention to the date because it’s pointless since we already know she is The Bachelorette. Watching it with that critical eye, I can see how their connection just wasn’t as strong as Vanessa’s and Raven’s with Nick. My personal favorite line was “I know we are going to go so much deeper than we’ve gone before,”-Rachel. Literally Rachel, literally.

And lastly, Vanessa’s date. Another stupid date. Nick, are you trying to give Vanessa the flu? I loved how Vanessa kept cursing. Love me a person with a good potty mouth. She earned more points in my book. What I love about Vanessa and Nick is that they always have real conversations. None of it feels forced and it feels like we are actually watching a true couple talking. There is no doubt in my mind Vanessa is the one for Nick. He keeps saying how he likes to be challenged and boy does that girl challenge him. She’s not just stroking his ego because she wants the final rose. She says how she’s feeling and she’s not going to change herself to impress Nick. That’s badass. Also really producers? Don’t make the girl but a damn shirt on after the fantasy suit date. We obviously know what they did that night, but come on let us use a little much of our imagination.

Rachel getting sent home wasn’t too sad because we knew it was happening and she’s going to be the Bachelorette. Nick, telling a girl how great she is doesn’t make her feel much better. You still didn’t pick her. But, Rachel is going to slay as the Bachelorette and I can’t wait to watch!

Alright on to the Women Tell All! The night where you are trying to figure out if these girls were even on the show. Poor Nick had to walk in to my personal hell when he crashed the sorority house viewing party. “I literally almost fainted.” “He’s actually very hot like super hot.” Don’t you just love how they play into those stereotypes?

Let’s start with Liz. I wish she told Nick in the first place that she was hung up on someone and that’s why she didn’t pursue him. It would have made her seem so much less crazy. Maybe she did say it and the producers painted her differently. She’s actually a really good person and I’m glad people got to see that. I love how one second the girls are attacking her than the next they are like GIRL POWER we love you. You girls are so two- faced. Smh.

Taylor. The actual worst. I hope I never have to hear the words “emotional intelligence” EVER AGAIN. What normal person uses that phrase?? “I was giving feedback,” like OKAY, sure. Girl stop walking around like you are something special with your Masters Degree in psychology. It’s freaking PSYCHOLOGY, the most popular major ever. I was rolling my eyes so hard when she starting crying her fake tears. Really? Your life has been so hard after the show? People are so mean to you. Boohoo. You signed on to this and you brought it on yourself. Not getting sympathy from anyone. I wanted to give Corrine a standing ovation when she got up to get a glass of champagne. YAS GIRL. I feel you. I would need to be drunk to deal with these stupid bitches too. When she tried to say that mental health counselors are discriminated against or under appreciated???? Girl you are talking out of your butt. Obviously Taylor is the one who needs counseling.  Sure, you have a whole other party of your life yet you don’t freaking show it and don’t stop talking about intelligence. OKAY. And then expects an apology. GO AWAY.

CORRINE. Honestly, this girl has grown on me since the whole Taylor debacle. That whole feud actually made me like her. I think she’s just a victim of editing and is definitely not as stupid as everyone thinks. Best line of the night: “Everyone naps just like everyone poops.” The girl speaks the truth. These girls were freaking out so much about a stupid nap who freaking cares. You petty girls were just intimated by her that’s it plain and simple. Corrine did not owe Taylor any apology and I don’t know why the other girls think the two of them should have buried the hatchet. They never have to see each other ever again after this show so who the heck cares. I totally support Corrine with not apologizing. I wouldn’t have. The way she talked about Raquel was sweet. This girl isn’t some heartless bitch like Taylor tried to make her out to be. And the cheese pasta at the end was the best part. I wish I could have had some. I hope we see Corrine in Bachelor in Paradise. I need her one liners in my life.

Kristina had me and the whole place in tears. The girl has an amazing story and I really hope she uses this platform to do some good.

The rest of the night was boring and I could really care less about the girls grilling Nick. I can’t wait for next week to see if my prediction is right!


Why Everyone Should be Watching the “Chicago” Franchise

Tonight NBC premieres their fourth show in the “Chicago” franchise called “Chicago Justice.” Justice revolves around the world State’s Attorney’s office. Fans were able to get a glimpse of the show on Wednesday night when the show premiered its first episode in the epic Chicago cross overs known as “One Chicago.” It is going to be just as good as its counterparts. I think everybody should be watching all the Chicago shows and I’m here to tell you why.

  1. The Men- Naturally I’m going to start off with what is the biggest reason to watch any television show-the eye candy. Okay so maybe it isn’t the biggest reason, but it will get you to keep scrolling once you see pictures of these sexy men. The best part is they are all part of some service that is saving one person or another. It does not get much hotter than that!


Chicago Fire- to the left is Lt. Matt Casey and Lt. Kelly Severide

Chicago PD 2.jpg

Chicago P.D. – Detectives Adam Ruzek and Jay Halstead

Chicago med.jpg

Chicago Med- Doctors Will Halstead and Connor Rhodes

Chicago justice.jpg  Dawson.jpg

Chicago Justice- Assistant State Attorney Peter Stone and Chief Investigator Antonio Dawson

2. The Women- Of course with hot men come hot bad ass women! The Chicago series does a great job creating strong women characters who can hold their own in male dominated careers. Chicago Fire dedicated part of a season to Gabby Dawson’s journey to becoming a firefighter and showed the challenges/prejudices women face.


Chicago Fire- Paramedic’s Gabby Dawson and Sylvie Brett

Chicago PD A Night Owl - Lindsay and Burgess.png

Chicago P.D.- Detectives Erin Lindsay and Kim Burgess

April Natalie.jpg

Chicago Med- Dr. Natalie Manning and Dr. April Sexton

3. The Couples- It wouldn’t be tv show without couples to ship! The Chicago series likes to have their characters date each other from different shows. My favorite couples are the ones who are in the same show: Dawsey and Linstead. I live for any scene involving the couples. There’s something so sexy when the men get protective over their girls. GOALS.



Chicago Fire- Gabby Dawson and Matt Casey

Chicago P.D. - Season 3

Chicago P.D.- Jay Halstead and Erin Lindsay

4. The Stories- The Chicago franchise does a great job with balancing the personal lives of the characters and the story lines they want to tell. Most of the calls and cases the characters work on are based on true stories that the writers get from talking to actual firefighters and cops in Chicago.

5. Molly’s Bar- Dawson, Herrmann and Otis purchase a bar and name it Molly’s. The bar is the hot spot for all four shows characters to go and unwind after a long hard days at work. Viewers get to see all the characters from the show interact with each other. It makes the shows seem more real. They even had a couple of Chicago Blackhawks show up at the bar.  Makes me wish I had a neighborhood bar like that to go to!


Trust me. Just watch one of the four shows and you will understand the obsession!