The Bachelor Finale

And another Bachelor season is in the books! Last night we saw Nick chose Vanessa over Raven in one of the most romantic Bachelor finales ever…JOKES. It was actually one of the worst and most boring finales ever. Let’s dive in.

The episode started with Raven meeting Nick’s family again. Honestly, nothing relatively interesting even happened in this part. Nick’s family has to be the most boring people ever. They just look so depressed. The mom always looks like she is going to cry. I mean I get you are stressed out for your son, but do you have to look like you are at a funeral? They really put a damper on things. Maybe that’s why the girls run for the hills. I’m sure they are nice people, they could at least act a little more excited. One two side notes, Raven’s eyelashes were throwing me off the whole night and Nick’s sweater game is TERRIBLE. He looked like a lumberjack and reminded me of my brother’s…maybe they should be friends.

Vanessa is not shy at all, is all I have to say about her meeting Nick’s parents. I admire her confidence and openness to expressing her feelings and concerns for the family, but she comes off a little self-absorbed. It definitely shows her maturity and think that is something she has up on Raven. I think Nick’s conversation with his dad was interesting when he voiced concerns about Vanessa being his type. He really does go for one type of girl and I don’t blame his dad for being hesitant. Nick’s dad’s conversation with Vanessa was touching because both of them started crying. I don’t doubt Vanessa loves Nick, they are just going to have a lot of work ahead of them.

The dates were boring as usual. The one funny thing Nick said on Vanessa’s date was “Just give him a little squeeze with your thighs, you know how to do that.” The whole Santa thing was so weird and stupid. That is what I call a phone break. I understood Vanesssa’s concerns at the end of the night and I like how Nick said he wasn’t going to tell her what she wants to hear. That shows how honest he is with her and I think that was really mature of him. I’ve just kind of had it with their always serious conversations. Like lighten up, make some interesting tv to watch. It’s too much like real life, but maybe that’s a good thing for them.

Raven and Nick’s date was boring but cute. They are fun to watch together. That’s what dating should be like. The puppies were the best part. Listen up boys, the way to woman’s heart is through PUPPIES. I would have cried. It was hard to watch Raven get her heartbroken. She took it with such grace that I would never have been able to do. I rolled my eyes when she was saying in the car that she would never find love. Please girl, there is no doubt in mind that you will find love. It’s a blessing he let you go, you can do 10x’s better. Nick’s not even that cute. I’m not worried about you Raven!

Nick’s proposal was sweet to Vanessa. I hope they make it work, but I don’t know if it will. I get tired of listening to their serious talks after two straight weeks, I can only imagine what it is like everyday. I respect Vanessa for keeping it real on After the Final Rose and not pretending like everything is just so perfect. Just play it up a little, this is still TV. Whether they make it or not, I’m not trying to see Nick on the franchise for a fifth time.

Prediction: I give Nick and Vanessa 6 months. Raven will find love on Bachelor in Paradise.

P.S. I totally called Rachel’s season starting on the after show. It’s the only thing surprisingly the show hasn’t done yet. I loved it though. When Eric walked out and started dancing with Rachel, I think we just witnessed love at first. I know we only met 4 guys, but I have a good feeling about the two of them. Can’t wait to watch Rachel and Eric fall in love next season. Is it May yet?