Why can’t Kelly Severide just be happy?

Dear Chicago Fire Writers,

Can you guys stop playing around with Severide and our heart-strings, and just let the guy be happy? He deserves it. This past Tuesday, we watched Kelly, lose who could have been the love of his life, Anna, from her battle with cancer after she relapsed just weeks in to them dating. When they had Anna move from Springfield to Chicago, I thought: “Yes finally Serveride is going to have a steady love interest.” Then one episode later Anna is acting all weird and we find out her cancer has come back. Like WTF writers. You had her survive the transplant and then have Severide commit to her and then you kill her off? How can you be so damn cruel? It was truly heartbreaking to watch Severide go through that. I just wanted to give him a giant hug. Severide deserves to find true love like Casey and Dawson. He’s been through enough in his life and dating crazies. He was never the one who was into settling down, but then he met Anna, and all that changed. I really believe she was the one for them. They had a special spark that deserved to be explored more. The writers definitely jumped the gun with killing her off. They should have at least let their love story play out a little longer and shown us a little more. It is no secret the fans loved them together. I really hope they don’t make Kidd and Severide get together now. They are kind of copying what happened to Casey and that just makes the show boring. They can’t have the same things happen to the both of them. Come on! Be a little unique. They are two different people. I also really don’t think Kidd and Severide have a great spark. I think she’s cool, but they are no Dawson and Casey. Watching a Kidd and Severide love story would be mad boring. Avoid at all costs, writers. Now Severide is going to go down this dark path and it’s going to be a repeat of what happened when Shay died. Hopefully next season the writers will stop wanting to make this poor guy’s life miserable, and give him a real love interest. I hope he meets his future wife ASAP. Because out of everyone, Kelly Severide deserves it the most. Is it really too much to ask for writers?

Sincerely, An Upset/ Disappointed Fan